Certified Ghost Hunters
George Engle
ADN  Science
Mary Engle
BSN Science
  We have been ghost hunting for several years now. We have visited some of the most Haunted area's in the United States. We have seen some very interesting things over the years.

  To name of few of the Places we have visited;
The battlefield of Gettysburg's, PA.
Bobby Mackey's Music World, Wilder, KY.
The Reed House, Chattanooga, TN.
Eastern State Penitentiary, PA.
The Stanley Hotel, Estes Park,CO.
Waverly Sanitarium, Louisville, KY.
The Martha Washington Inn , Abingdon, WV. The Selbauch Hotel, Louisville, KY.
The Talbott Inn, Bardstown, KY.

This is our Story

We are all Native's of Eastern Kentucky.
We became interested in ghost hunting for different reasons.
We want to share this experience with anyone willing to take a
chance and explore the paranormal with us.
We welcome believers and non-believers as we journey into this exciting field.
  Join us for a fun filled weekend.

Joshua Flannery
City Police

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       Ms. Rhea.
  Certified Ghost
Madison &  Mary
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